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Make your credit card form better in one line of code.

Before (boring, painful)

With one line of code..

new Card({ form: 'form', container: '.card'})

You get..

After (interactive, exciting)

Start typing in here to take over and try it out

No need to change your form

Card works as a drop in addition to your current credit card form. No need edit input names or HTML — you can leave everything as is.

All pure CSS, HTML, and Javascript

There are no images used. The credit cards and logos are all hand-coded with HTML and CSS.

100% free and open source

Feel free to use, modify, and distribute this library as much as you'd like under the MIT license.

How do I use this?

Visit the Github page and follow the instructions to get started.

Can I just use the CSS to style cards?

Yes! Right now, card ships with pure-CSS cards for Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. You can see a demo usage here.

How do I contribute?

You can contribute to the library on Github here.

Who made this?

Jesse Pollak, follow him on Twitter here.

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